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Start by choosing the country we’re calling from our list of countries and regions of the world – each page explains how to dial a phone number in that country from any other region on earth.

Our page on how to dial an international call – it will also help to break down any call sequence.

We also have resources on calling from mobile / cellular or VoIP / internet phones.

More resources can be found in our “how to” and “frequently asked questions” sections.

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We’ve listed the details of the phone system for 245 countries and regions of the world.

Each country’s listing includes details of how local phone numbers work, as well as how to call to and from each country.

Research is our biggest focus – for each country we follow a checklist where we dissect all the data available for a country’s phone system, using sources such as the International Telecommunications Union, each country’s telecommunications authority, as well as other sources of information.

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