Calling from the United Kingdom to a Japanese mobile phone in Ecuador

Q: I am in the U.K. and calling a person from Japan who is travelling in Ecuador with their cell phone (that is based in Japan). Do I dial through to Japan or to Ecuador? 

A: You would dial their cell phone in the same way as if they were in Japan.

When dialing a roaming mobile phone user, always dial the call as if you were dialing to the country where the mobile phone is based, regardless of where the mobile phone user is currently standing.

Your dialing sequence will be:

0081ten digit number
U.K. international exit codecountry code for JapanJapanese mobile phone number

00 – this is the number needed to dial the international switchboard from the United Kingdom.

81 – this is Japan’s country code and the number needed to dial Japan from the international switchboard.

ten digit number – Japanese phone numbers are 10 digits.

Keep in mind that with this call you will be paying international long distance rates from the U.K. to Japan, and the person you’re calling will also be paying international mobile roaming rates from Japan to Ecuador.