Where can I make an international call?

International calls can usually be made anywhere that a phone can be found.

In some circumstances (such as phones within an organization), international calling and / or long distance calling may be disabled for the purpose of cost controls, however usually these features are available.

Here are some of the main ways to make an international call:

Using a pay phone

Most pay phones have the ability to make international calls.

Pay phones typically have the most expensive rates when calling overseas, however the cost can be easily decreased by using a calling card.

Using a hotel phone

Hotel phones often have international calling access, however the method varies by hotel and phone system.

Check individual phone systems to figure out how to make the international call.

Aside from pay phones, hotel phone systems are often the most expensive way to call internationally.

Using a landline phone (organizational or personal)

Landline phones are typically the least expensive of the traditional methods of calling, however VoIP phones and calling cards (which can be used with a landline phone) are typically less expensive.

When calling with a landline phone from an organization, there may be a number needed to access the external switchboard (typically a 7 or 9).

Using a cell phone

Cell phones can be relatively expensive to make an international call, however there is the advantage of mobility.

Calling cards can be used with cell phones, however there can still be costs incurred to connect to the calling card provider.

Smartphones can also use a VoIP phone number – in many cases this will reduce the cost of the phone system, however some VoIP phone systems operate through a data connection, which can be very expensive to use while travelling in another country.

Using a VoIP phone

Many VoIP phone systems have very competitive rates to call internationally – rates are often far below traditional international calling rates, often comparable with calling cards or at a flat rate included in a monthly package.

Using a calling card

Calling cards can be a very inexpensive way to make an international call. They can be used on a number of different phone systems, and some calling card organizations allow users to hold an account to call to different countries.

When using a calling card it should be noted that calling cards cover only the international costs of the call – there is still a call to a local or toll-free (freephone) number that may incur some costs (such as local cellular phone minutes).