How to call a Globalstar satellite phone (country code +881 8, +881 9)

Dialing sequence

Globalstar satellite phones typically are called through a phone number assigned to a country-specific number. Dial these phone numbers the same as calling to the country the are assigned to.

For Globalstar phone numbers starting with +881 8:


Calling between Globalstar phones

Calling between Globalstar phones is done by calling the international calling sequence

+ (hold '0' on keypad'one to three digitsremaining digits
international exit codecountry code of the destination phone numberlocal phone number

First: dial ‘+’ – the international country code. On globalstar this is dialed by holding ‘0’.

Second: dial one to three digits – the country code for where the Globalstar phone is located.

Third: dial remaining digits – the specific Globalstar phone number.

Globalstar phone numbers explained

Phone number structure

Globalstar phone numbers are linked to country-specific phone numbers.

As each country’s telephone numbering plan is different, the number structure will vary by country.

Calling internationally from a Globalstar satellite phone

‘+’ is used as an international exit code when dialing an international call from a Globalstar satellite phone.

Administrative and regulatory

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