How do I call Germany from France?

Question: I am in Germany and want to call France. The number I have is +33 1 55 37 XX XX. Can you please help?

To call from Germany to France dial the call sequence as follows:

  1. Your country’s exit code – 00 – this is signified by the ‘plus’ symbol.
  2. The destination country code – 33 – this is the country code as it is the number cluster immediately after the ‘+.’
  3. The local phone number – 1 55 37 XX XX – this is the remainder of the phone number.

To call this phone number from Germany, you will need to dial:

00 33 1 55 37 XX XX

This call sequence will work from many European countries. Other countries will have a different exit code (the US and Canada use ‘011’, Australia uses ‘0011’, Japan uses ‘010’, and other countries may use a different sequence).