How do I call to New York from London?

Q: Hello, I am attempting to dial to New York number 212-5xx-9xxx from London. I am dialing the number as 00-212-5xx-9xxx but it is not connecting. (original number hidden)

A: You need to add a ‘1’ in between ’00’ and ‘212’.

The full dialing sequence should be:

exit code from the U.K.country code for the United Statesarea code for New York Cityfourthtwo

00 – exit code from the U.K. – this will access phone systems outside of the United Kingdom.

1 – country code for the United States – this is America’s country code in the international phone system. It connects the call to the American switchboard.

212 – area code for New York City – it is a 3 digit code that designates a region within the North American Numbering Plan (Canada, the United States, and most of the Carribbean).

5xx-9xxx – local phone number in New York – this is the local phone number within area code 212.