How to call London from India?

Question: How do I dial the London phone number 020 3021 xxxx from India?

Answer: To call this phone number from India dial: 00-44-20-3021-xxxx. Notice that the leading ‘0’ from the ‘020’ is not dialed.

’00’ is the international exit code for India. Dial these numbers to reach the international switchboard.

’44’ is the county code for the United Kingdom. This number will direct your call from the international switchboard to the U.K.

’20 3021 xxxx’ is the local phone number in London. The leading ’20’ signifies that this phone number is in London.

The leading ‘0’ in ‘020’ is not dialed as ‘0’ is a long distance trunk prefix for calls within the U.K. It is only dialed for domestic phone calls.

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