Need help calling to Australia from India

Q: I am trying to call to Australian phone number +61 8 9xxx 3xxx from Bangalore, India. 

A: We keep a full guide on dialing to Australia on our page https://howtophoneto.com/australia/. Select “India” from the “from” menu for complete instructions.

Here is a summary:

To dial to Australia from India you will need to dial as follows:

006189xxx 3xxx
international exit code from Indiacountry code for Australiageographic codelocal phone number

00 – international exit code – this is the phone number needed to dial from India to reach an international location.

61 – this is Australia’s country code and the number needed to dial Australia.

8 – this is a geographic code used within Australia (specifically for South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory)

9xxx 3xxx – this is the local phone number in Australia.