New Zealand phone books and number search – business, residential, government, and reverse lookup directories

New Zealand, Tokelau, Niue, and the Cook Islands are all part of the Real of New Zealand, however each of these regions has their own independent country code. Calls between them should be dialed as an international phone call, and not as a domestic phone call. The Ross Dependency (also part of the Realm of New Zealand) is part of New Zealand's domestic phone system.

Business Directories

Yellow Pages

The New Zealand Yellow Pages is a business directory covering all of New Zealand. It is produced by Yellow. The yellow pages is a category organized directory with primarily business listings.


Also owned by Yellow, Wises is a location and map based business directory search. It allows for searching for a certain word over the area of a map.


Another Yellow directory, Finda offers map based results along with reader reviews of different businesses.


A restaurant focused business directory, Menus is another Yellow property.  It offers reader reviews of restaurants and eating establishments across New Zealand.

Find it Online

A category based business directory of New Zealand businesses.

Residential Directories

White Pages

The New Zealand white pages includes business, government, and residential phone numbers across New Zealand.

It is produced by Yellow .

The white pages originated from a paper directory where listings were in alphabetical order – for example a business called “Bob’s plumbing” would be listed under “B” instead of the category “Plumbing.”

Person Lookup

Personal lookup directory covering all of New Zealand.

Reverse Lookup

We haven’t found any reverse directories for New Zealand – if you find one please let us know.

Government Directories

New Zealand Government – A to Z

Listing of all government departments with the government of New Zealand.

New Zealand Government Directory (unofficial?)

Directory of New Zealand government contacts. It requires a login to obtain any contact information. Does not specifically say that it is “unofficial”, however there is no Government of New Zealand branding on the site, and the domain appears to be registered to a Public Relations firm in Auckland.


New Zealand Postcode directory (mail)

Through New Zealand Post, the postcode directory covering all of New Zealand.

New Zealand Library Directory and Regional List of Libraries

Provided by the National Library of New Zealand, it lists all libraries across the country.