Test phone numbers for New Zealand

New Zealand, Tokelau, Niue, and the Cook Islands are all part of the Real of New Zealand, however each of these regions has their own independent country code. Calls between them should be dialed as an international phone call, and not as a domestic phone call. The Ross Dependency (also part of the Realm of New Zealand) is part of New Zealand's domestic phone system.

This is our collection of phone numbers that can be tested to ensure that a phone is being dialed properly.

These phone numbers should answer from an New Zealand phone number with an automated switchboard. Calling to one of them helps make sure that you’re successfully able to call to an New Zealand phone number.

Most of these can be dialed either domestically or when calling New Zealand from overseas – the only exception being some banks will not allow domestic calls to overseas telephone banking numbers.

NOTE: We list these numbers ONLY for light testing purposes to make sure you’re properly dialing a call to New Zealand from your current location. Please do not use automated or high volume systems to dial these numbers.


Cathay Pacific (New Zealand) reservation line: +64 (9) 379-0861

Delta Airlines (New Zealand) reservation line: 64-9-977-2232

South African Airways (New Zealand) contact: 64 9 977 2237

Financial Institutions

Bank of New Zealand – Telephone banking (from overseas) – +64 4 924 2424

ANZ Bank – telephone banking (from overseas) – +64 4 470 3142

Kiwibank– telephone banking (from overseas)  – +64 4 473 11 33

Westpac – telephone banking (from overseas) – +64 4 915 6666

Fax Test

Please note: These numbers will likely not work from overseas

TelstraClear Fax Test Number 0508 500 499 – Note: This service may no longer be operational – please let us know through our contact page if it is no longer working.