How to dial an international phone call from the Philippines

Dialing sequence

Calling to an international location from the Philippines follows the basic international call sequence of:

00one to three digit numberremaining numbers
Filipino exit codedestination country codelocal phone number

First: Dial ’00’: The international switchboard is reached from the Philippines by dialing exit code ’00’.

Next: Dial the country code of the country being phoned: Country codes are 1 to 3 digits.

Next: Dial the destination local phone number: Local phone numbers vary in length depending on the country being called.

… from a mobile phone

Use the same call sequence.

International phone calls from a cellular phone can use an alternate call sequence with the plus ‘+’ sign.

When dialed on a mobile phone, the plus sign functions as “dial the local international exit code” in the call sequence. This is useful when roaming with a mobile phone to a country where the local exit code is different than the exit code used in the home calling region.

+one to three digitsremaining numbers
exit codecountry codelocal phone number

When roaming and calling from a mobile phone, always dial based on the country where the phone is currently located, not (necessarily) where the phone is registered.

… from a VoIP phone

Use the same call sequence.

When roaming and calling from a VoIP phone, always dial based on the country where the phone is registered, not (necessarily) the country where the phone is physically located.

… from a satellite phone

Use the same call sequence.

Many satellite phone systems have their own country code and calling sequence independent of Laos’.

… sending a fax

Use the same call sequence.

Domestic calling sequence

see the “domestic calling” section on our “How to call the Philippines” page.

Call sequence to all countries of the world

For specific calling instructions for each country, see the specific country’s calling page.

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