How to call the Pitcairn Islands (country code +64 or +870)

Our entry for calling the Pitcairn Islands is currently undergoing more research.

Numbers for Pitcairn may be listed through New Zealand’s country code (+64) or an Inmarsat satellite phone system (country code +870). Older Inmarsat numbers listed under country codes +872 have been migrated to country code +870.

For this page we are assuming a satellite phone number through the Inmarsat (+870) service. For +64 numbers (New Zealand) please place the call through the “calling to New Zealand” page.

Calling to the Pitcairn Islands

Calling within the Pitcairn Islands

Calls between Inmarsat satellite phones on the Pitcairn Islands are dialed through the international calling sequence (even though they are calling within the same country code).

When calling within the same area code (or between mobile phones) do not dial the trunk prefix or the area code.

00870nine digits
international exit codeInmarsat country codeInmarsat phone number

First: dial ’00’ – the international country code.

Second: dial ‘870’ – the country code for Inmarsat phones.

Third: dial nine digits – the specific Inmarsat phone code.

Pitcairn (Inmarsat) phone numbers explained

Inmarsat satellite phone numbers are nine digits.

There are no area codes or phone number designators – each phone is assigned its own phone number.

Calling internationally from Pitcairn Island

’00’ is used as an international exit code when dialing an international call from Pitcairn Island.

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