How to call Auckland from Canada

Question: How do I call Auckland, New Zealand from Canada? The number I want to call is 09-353 xxxx.

To call New Zealand from Canada:

  1. Dial the Australian exit code ‘011’.
  2. Dial the New Zealand country code ’64’.
  3. Dial the local phone number. Do not dial a leading ‘0’.

To call this phone number from Canada you would dial 011-64-9-353-xxxx.

‘011’ is the exit code to reach the international switchboard from a Canadian phone.

’64’ is the country code for New Zealand.

‘9’ is an area code within the New Zealand phone network, specifically for the Auckland metro area.

The rest of the phone number is the standard format for a New Zealand phone number.

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How to call Canada from Italy?

Question: How do I dial the Canadian phone number (514) 845-xxxx from Italy?

To call Canada from Italy:

  1. Dial ’00’ (the exit code for Italy) or enter + on a mobile phone.
  2. Dial ‘1’ (the country code for Canada).
  3. Dial the ten digit phone number.

To dial this phone number you will need to dial: 00-1-514-845-xxxx.

’00’ is the international exit code for Italy.

‘1’ is the country code for Canada and the United States.

‘514’ is an area code for the city of Montreal.

‘845-xxxx’ is a local phone number within area code ‘514’.

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How to call +1?

Question: I have a phone number that starts with “+1.” How do I dial this? The number I have is “+1 (646) 449-xxxx.

Answer:  The plus symbol (+) means “dial your country’s exit code.” If you are calling from within the country code, do not dial the exit code.

If you are in the United States, Canada, most of the Caribbean, and U.S. territories in the Pacific: Ignore the “+” and dial the phone number as a regular domestic phone number.

If you are outside of the United States or Canada, replace the “+” with your country’s international exit code. For most of Europe (including the U.K., France, and Germany) use ’00’. For Australia use ‘0010’. For Japan use ‘010’.

To call this number from the U.S. or Canada dial 1-646-449-xxxx. If calling from the greater New York City area, dial 646-449-xxxx (as there is no need to dial the long distance trunk prefix ‘1’ when calling within the same geographic area).

To call this number from the U.K., France, Germany, India, China, and many European, Asian, and African countries dial 00-1-646-449-xxxx.

To call this number from Australia dial 0011-646-449-xxxx.

To call this number from Japan dial 010-646-449-xxxx.

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What country is country code “00111”

Question: I am trying to dial to country code “00111”. What country is this? The phone number I have is ‘00111 213 272 xxxx’.

Answer: It looks like the country code you’re trying to call is the United States. The phone number you see is as if the call is dialed from Australia.

‘0011’ is the international exit code to dial the international switchboard from Australia.

‘1’ is the country code for the United States, Canada, as well as most of the Caribbean and U.S. Territories (including those in the Pacific).

‘213’ is the area code for Los Angeles.

The last seven digits of the phone number ‘272 xxxx’ appear to be in the standard format for American phone numbers.

To dial this phone number from the U.S. or Canada, eliminate the leading ‘0011’ (as you are not dialing the international switchboard). Keep the leading ‘1’ as well as the area code (213) and phone number (272 xxxx) in the dialing sequence.

To dial this phone number from Australia, dial it as it is listed. ‘0011’ is the exit code to reach the international switchboard. ‘1’ is the country code for the United States. ‘213 272 xxxx’ is the phone number within the United States.

To dial this phone number from New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, or most of Europe (including the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands) replace the leading ‘0011’ with ’00’. The rest of the phone number (‘1 213 272 xxxx’) stays the same.

What country code is “001”?

Question: I am calling a country with the country code “001” – what country is it? The phone number I was given is ’00-1-212-873-xxxx’. How do I dial this number?

The structure of the phone number appears to be for the United States, specifically a New York phone number.

’00’ is an international exit code used by many countries in Europe and Asia. It is the code used to access the international switchboard.

‘1’ is the international country code for the United States and Canada.

‘212’ appears to be the area code for New York. The structure of the remaining numbers (seven remaining numbers, grouped into three and four) confirm that this is likely an American number.

If this number was dialed from the United Kingdom, France, India, China, or any country with the ’00’ exit code, it would work.

To dial this number from Canada or elsewhere in the United States, eliminate the ’00’ from the call sequence. The leading ‘1’ can be used within the North American Numbering Plan to call within Canada, the United States, most of the Caribbean, and U.S. territories (including those in the Pacific).

To dial this number from Australia, replace the ’00’ with Australia’s exit code of ‘0011’.

To dial this number from Japan, replace the ’00’ with Japan’s exit code of ‘010’.

To dial this number from Russia and many of the countries of the former U.S.S.R., replace the ’00’ with dialing ‘8’, wait for the dial tone, then dial ’10’.

For a list of international exit codes, we keep a list of all countries.

What is the mobile phone code for Canada?

Question: I can not find details on what the mobile phone code is for Canada – I only see details about area codes. Do you know what it is?

Answer: Canada does not use mobile phone codes – mobile phone numbers are intermixed with the regular landline phone system.

Some countries have an “area code” or “regional code” dedicated to mobile phone numbers. For example, in the Australian phone system, Sydney is part of area code “02”, Melbourne is part of area code “03” and mobile phone numbers are part of area code “04”.

In the French phone system, Paris numbers being with ’01’, southeastern France numbers being with “04”, and mobile phone numbers being with “06” or “07”.

In Canada (as well as the United States), there are only area codes – for example Montréal has area codes “438”, “450”, “514”, and “579”. All types of phone numbers (landline, mobile, VoIP, etc.) are present within these area codes. Calgary has area codes “403” and “587” – local landline, mobile, and VoIP phone numbers are all present in these area codes as well.

There is no additional cost when calling to a Canadian mobile phone number (the person receiving the call may have extra phone costs based on time of day or whether they are roaming).

Help calling from Australia to Canada

Q: I am trying to dial Canadian phone number 403-5xx-xxxx from Sydney, Australia – to do this I dial 00114035xxxxxx, but I’m not getting through – can you help? (number changed to protect caller details)

A: It looks like you’re missing a “1” from the dialing sequence.

To dial to Canada from Australia you will need to dial as follows:

[fourSectionCall firstone=”0011″ firsttwo=”Australian exit code” secondone=”1″ secondtwo=”Canadian country code” thirdone=”403″ thirdtwo=”area / regional code for southern Alberta (3 digits)” fourthone=”5xx-xxxx” fourthtwo=”local phone number within southern Alberta (seven digits)”]

0011 – this code needed to dial from Australia to the international switchboard

1 – this is Canada‘s country code – it is needed to dial Canadian from an international location.

403 – this is the area code for the province of Alberta, specifically the southern portion (Calgary is the major city in this region).

5xx-xxxx- this is the local phone number within the 403 area code.