What is country code ‘01133’?

Question: What is country code 01133? I am attempting to call the phone number 01133 1 55 30 xx xx.

Answer: 01133 is the country code for France when dialed from the United States or Canada.

‘011’ is the exit code to call from the U.S. or Canada to the international switchboard. If calling from a different country, this code is different.

’33’ is the country code for France.

To call this number from within France, dial 01 55 30 xx xx. Do not dial the leading ‘011’ or the country code ’33’. Add a leading ‘0’ (trunk prefix) to the number. If calling within Paris from another landline phone, dial 55 30 xx xx (do not include the trunk prefix ‘0’ or the area code ‘1’).

To call this number from the United States or Canada dial ‘011-33-1-55-30-xx-xx’. Do not include any leading ‘0’ (sometimes listed as ’01’ in the phone number).

To call this number from the United Kingdom, Germany, the NetherlandsSpain, Italy, India, or many of the countries with exit code ’00’, dial ’00-33-1-55-30-xx-xx’. These countries use exit code ’00’ instead of ‘011’. Do not include any leading ‘0’ (sometimes listed as ’01’ in the phone number).

To call this number from Australia dial ‘0011-33-1-55-30-xx-xx’. Do not include any leading ‘0’ (sometimes listed as ’01’ in the phone number).

For more detail see our page on how to call France.

How to call New York from France?

Question: I want to call New York phone number (212) 398-xxxx from France. How do I dial this number?

Answer: To call this number from France dial 00-1-212-398-xxxx.

’00’ is the international exit code for France.

‘1’ is the country code of the United States (as well as Canada, most of the Caribbean, and U.S. territories in the Pacific).

‘212’ is one of the area codes for New York City.

‘398-xxxx’ is the local phone number within area code ‘212’.

For more on how to call New York and the United States see our page on “How to call the United States.”

Calling from France to China

Question: Hello, how do I call to China from France? The phone number I am calling is +86 21 2312 XXXX. Also, do I have to use a local phone, or can I use my UK-based mobile?

Answer: To call from France to China dial the exit code ’00’ followed by China’s country code of ’86’ followed by the local phone number.

’00’ is used to access the international switchboard. The ‘+’ symbol means to dial the international exit code for the country you are calling from.

The full call sequence will be:

00 86 21 2312 XXXX

You can use a UK based mobile to make this call, check both local and mobile rates before making the call.

How do I call Germany from France?

Question: I am in Germany and want to call France. The number I have is +33 1 55 37 XX XX. Can you please help?

To call from Germany to France dial the call sequence as follows:

  1. Your country’s exit code – 00 – this is signified by the ‘plus’ symbol.
  2. The destination country code – 33 – this is the country code as it is the number cluster immediately after the ‘+.’
  3. The local phone number – 1 55 37 XX XX – this is the remainder of the phone number.

To call this phone number from Germany, you will need to dial:

00 33 1 55 37 XX XX

This call sequence will work from many European countries. Other countries will have a different exit code (the US and Canada use ‘011’, Australia uses ‘0011’, Japan uses ‘010’, and other countries may use a different sequence).

What country is country code “0033”?

Question: I am calling a country with country with country code “0033” – I do not recognize this number – what country is it? The phone number I was given is “0033 1 51 66 xx xx.”

Answer: The number you are trying to call looks like France. The phone number is likely in Paris.

“00” is an international exit code (the number used to access the international switchboard) for most European countries. If ’00’ is dialed from a country that does not use that as its exit code (the U.S. and Canada use ‘011’, Australia uses ‘0011’, Japan uses ‘010’, many countries of the former U.S.S.R use ‘8’ – wait for the dial tone – ’10’), the call will not work.

“33” is the country code for France. It is the number that is dialed to reach France from the international switchboard.

The remainder of the number appears to be the format for a French phone number. The ‘1’ signifies the area code for Paris within the French numbering system. The remainder of the phone number is separated into eight numbers (two blocks of four digits).

See our “how to call France” page for details on how to call France from anywhere in the world.


How to call from a French mobile to a French mobile while both in Germany

Question: My husband and I are travelling in Germany and we both have mobiles based in Paris, France. How can we dial each other’s mobile? and what will the costs be?

Answer: To dial a French mobile (while the user is in Germany) from a French mobile (while the user is in Germany) the call sequence will be the same as calling a French mobile from Germany.

00336 or 7seven numbers
German international exit codecountry code for Francearea code for mobile phonesmobile subscriber number

The cost incurred to the user placing the call will be the same as dialing an international roaming call from Germany to France.

The cost incurred to the user receiving the call will be the same as receiving a call while roaming in Germany.

See individual carriers for current rates.

Calling a French cell phone from Belgium

Q: Hello, how do I call a cell phone in France from Belgium?

A: French cell phones are dialed the same as all other French numbers.

A full guide to calling France can be found our “how to call to France” page

0033nine digit number
Belgian exit codeFrench country codelocal phone number in France

00 – Belgian exit code – this is the number needed to call from Belgium to an international number.

33 – French country code – this is the country code for France in the international call system.

nine digit number – this is the local phone number when calling within France. Mobile phone numbers being with a ‘6’ or ‘7’.

Note: drop any leading ‘0’ from the call sequence. It is used as a long distance trunk number and is not needed when dialing from an international location.