How to dial a call from New Zealand to Singapore?

Question: I am attempting to dial Singapore phone number 6808 7XXX from New Zealand. I am dialing “0011 65 6808 7XXX” as instructed by the people I’m calling but the call is not completing.

Answer: You need to replace “0011” with “00” in the call sequence. That call sequence looks like the one that would be used when calling from Australia.

The call sequence should be:

00656808 7XXX
exit code from New Zealandcountry code for Singaporelocal phone number in Singapore

“0011” is the exit code for Australia. “00” is the exit code for New Zealand.

The exit code is the number needed to dial an international number from the country you’re calling from.

Dialing a phone call to Singapore from Dallas

Q: How do I call to Singapore from Dallas?

A: From anywhere in the United States, you would dial:

01165eight digit number
international exit code from the USAcountry code for Singaporelocal phone number in Singapore

011 – this is the number needed to dial the international switchboard from the United States.

65 – this is Singapore’s country code – the number needed to direct your call from the international switchboard to Singapore’s phone system.

eight digit number – Singapore’s local phone numbers are eight digits. Dial the numbers normally – there are no trunk numbers (such as a leading ‘0’ or ‘1’) or area / regional codes to include or exclude in the dialing sequence.