What country code is “001”?

Question: I am calling a country with the country code “001” – what country is it? The phone number I was given is ’00-1-212-873-xxxx’. How do I dial this number?

The structure of the phone number appears to be for the United States, specifically a New York phone number.

’00’ is an international exit code used by many countries in Europe and Asia. It is the code used to access the international switchboard.

‘1’ is the international country code for the United States and Canada.

‘212’ appears to be the area code for New York. The structure of the remaining numbers (seven remaining numbers, grouped into three and four) confirm that this is likely an American number.

If this number was dialed from the United Kingdom, France, India, China, or any country with the ’00’ exit code, it would work.

To dial this number from Canada or elsewhere in the United States, eliminate the ’00’ from the call sequence. The leading ‘1’ can be used within the North American Numbering Plan to call within Canada, the United States, most of the Caribbean, and U.S. territories (including those in the Pacific).

To dial this number from Australia, replace the ’00’ with Australia’s exit code of ‘0011’.

To dial this number from Japan, replace the ’00’ with Japan’s exit code of ‘010’.

To dial this number from Russia and many of the countries of the former U.S.S.R., replace the ’00’ with dialing ‘8’, wait for the dial tone, then dial ’10’.

For a list of international exit codes, we keep a list of all countries.