What country is country code “00111”

Question: I am trying to dial to country code “00111”. What country is this? The phone number I have is ‘00111 213 272 xxxx’.

Answer: It looks like the country code you’re trying to call is the United States. The phone number you see is as if the call is dialed from Australia.

‘0011’ is the international exit code to dial the international switchboard from Australia.

‘1’ is the country code for the United States, Canada, as well as most of the Caribbean and U.S. Territories (including those in the Pacific).

‘213’ is the area code for Los Angeles.

The last seven digits of the phone number ‘272 xxxx’ appear to be in the standard format for American phone numbers.

To dial this phone number from the U.S. or Canada, eliminate the leading ‘0011’ (as you are not dialing the international switchboard). Keep the leading ‘1’ as well as the area code (213) and phone number (272 xxxx) in the dialing sequence.

To dial this phone number from Australia, dial it as it is listed. ‘0011’ is the exit code to reach the international switchboard. ‘1’ is the country code for the United States. ‘213 272 xxxx’ is the phone number within the United States.

To dial this phone number from New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, or most of Europe (including the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands) replace the leading ‘0011’ with ’00’. The rest of the phone number (‘1 213 272 xxxx’) stays the same.