What country is country code “0044”?

Question: I am calling a country with country code “0044” – I do not recognize this number – what country is it?

Answer: “0044” is most likely a mislabeled country code “44” – the country code for the United Kingdom, as well as Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man.

“00” is used as an international calling prefix from many European countries. It is the code that is dialed to reach a location outside the country.

“44” is the country code for the U.K.. Once the caller is connected to the international dialing system, “44” identifies the United Kingdom in the calling sequence.

This dialing sequence could be different from other countries – the United States and Canada both use “011” instead of “00” for their exit code. Australia uses “0011” and Japan uses “010”. Most (but not all) other countries in Western Europe use “00” for their exit code.

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