How to call the Australian Antarctic Territory (country code +672 1)

 Calling to the Australian Antarctic Territory

Australian Antarctic Territory numbers being with a ‘1’.

Calling within the Australian Antarctic Territory (domestic dialing)

There is no trunk prefix used when calling within the Australian Antarctic Territory. Dial all six numbers as listed.

1five digits
designator for the Australian Antarctic Territory within country code 672remainder of local phone number in the Australian Antarctic Territory

Australian Antarctic Territory phone numbers explained

1one digitfour digits
designator for the Australian Antarcitc Territory within country code 672landline or mobile designatorremainder of the local phone number

First digit: ‘1’ – country code +672 is shared with Norfolk Island (whose phone numbers start with ‘3’). Australian Antarctic Territory telephone numbers begin with ‘1’.
Second digit: designates the base (research station) being called.
Remaining digits: represent the remainder of the subscriber number.

Area codes

Davis 10
Mawson 11
Casey 12
Macquarie Island 13
Radio, mobile, and other 14

Calling internationally from the Australian Antarctic Territory

‘oo11’ is used as an international exit code when dialing an international call from the Australian Antarctic Territory.

Administrative and regulatory

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