Country Code 882 16 – Thuraya Satellite Phone

LAST UPDATE: July 27th, 2019

Dialing sequence

Calling between Thuraya phones

Calling between Thuraya phones is done through the international calling sequence

00882 16eight digits
international exit codeThuraya country codeThuraya phone number

First: dial ’00’ – the international country code.

Second: dial ‘882 16’ – the country code for Thuraya phones.

Third: dial eight digits – the specific Thuraya phone number.

Thuraya phone numbers explained

Phone number structure

Thuraya phone numbers are eight digits.

There are no area codes or phone number designators – each phone is assigned its own phone number.

Calling internationally from a Thuraya satellite phone

’00’ is used as an international exit code when dialing an international call from a Thuraya satellite phone.

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