How to dial a call while roaming with a VoIP phone

When roaming internationally with a VoIP phone, dial based on the country your phone is registered in. are currently located in. Do not dial based on where the phone is currently being used.

Example 1

A VoIP user whose VoIP phone is based in the United States is standing in France dialing a call to Germany.

This user would dial the call with the call sequence of the United States to Germany.

Example 2

A VoIP user whose VoIP phone is based in New Zealand is standing in Canada dialing a domestic call within Canada.

This user would use the international call sequence of calling from New Zealand to Canada.

Example 3

A VoIP user whose VoIP phone is based in the United Kingdom is standing in Australia dialing a call to the United Kingdom.

This user would dial the domestic call sequence for the United Kingdom.


The rate charged would be the same as a one way call from where the VoIP phone is registered to where the call is made. Rates vary by carrier.

There is no additional roaming charge for using a VoIP phone while in another country, however there may be charges for accessing the internet while roaming.