What country is country code “0039”?

Question: I am calling a country with country with country code “0039” – I do not recognize this number – what country is it? The phone number I was given is “0039.041.241xxxx.”

Answer: The number you are trying to call looks like Italy. The phone number is likely in Venice.

“00” is an international exit code (the number used to access the international switchboard) for most European countries. If ’00’ is dialed from a country that does not use that as its exit code (the U.S. and Canada use ‘011’, Australia uses ‘0011’, Japan uses ‘010’, many countries of the former U.S.S.R use ‘8’ – wait for the dial tone – ’10’), the call will not work.

“39” is the country code for Italy. It is the number that is dialed to reach Italy from the international switchboard.

The remainder of the number appears to be the format for an Italian phone number. The leading ‘0’ signifies a landline in Italy. It is dialed even when calling from abroad (unlike in many other countries). ’41’ is the area code for Venice within the Italian numbering system. The remainder of the phone number is seven digits.

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