How to call Auckland from Canada

Question: How do I call Auckland, New Zealand from Canada? The number I want to call is 09-353 xxxx.

To call New Zealand from Canada:

  1. Dial the Australian exit code ‘011’.
  2. Dial the New Zealand country code ’64’.
  3. Dial the local phone number. Do not dial a leading ‘0’.

To call this phone number from Canada you would dial 011-64-9-353-xxxx.

‘011’ is the exit code to reach the international switchboard from a Canadian phone.

’64’ is the country code for New Zealand.

‘9’ is an area code within the New Zealand phone network, specifically for the Auckland metro area.

The rest of the phone number is the standard format for a New Zealand phone number.

For more on how to call Auckland and New Zealand please see our page on “how to call New Zealand.”