Help calling from Australia to Canada

Q: I am trying to dial Canadian phone number 403-5xx-xxxx from Sydney, Australia – to do this I dial 00114035xxxxxx, but I’m not getting through – can you help? (number changed to protect caller details)

A: It looks like you’re missing a “1” from the dialing sequence.

To dial to Canada from Australia you will need to dial as follows:

[fourSectionCall firstone=”0011″ firsttwo=”Australian exit code” secondone=”1″ secondtwo=”Canadian country code” thirdone=”403″ thirdtwo=”area / regional code for southern Alberta (3 digits)” fourthone=”5xx-xxxx” fourthtwo=”local phone number within southern Alberta (seven digits)”]

0011 – this code needed to dial from Australia to the international switchboard

1 – this is Canada‘s country code – it is needed to dial Canadian from an international location.

403 – this is the area code for the province of Alberta, specifically the southern portion (Calgary is the major city in this region).

5xx-xxxx- this is the local phone number within the 403 area code.