What is the mobile phone code for Canada?

Question: I can not find details on what the mobile phone code is for Canada – I only see details about area codes. Do you know what it is?

Answer: Canada does not use mobile phone codes – mobile phone numbers are intermixed with the regular landline phone system.

Some countries have an “area code” or “regional code” dedicated to mobile phone numbers. For example, in the Australian phone system, Sydney is part of area code “02”, Melbourne is part of area code “03” and mobile phone numbers are part of area code “04”.

In the French phone system, Paris numbers being with ’01’, southeastern France numbers being with “04”, and mobile phone numbers being with “06” or “07”.

In Canada (as well as the United States), there are only area codes – for example Montréal has area codes “438”, “450”, “514”, and “579”. All types of phone numbers (landline, mobile, VoIP, etc.) are present within these area codes. Calgary has area codes “403” and “587” – local landline, mobile, and VoIP phone numbers are all present in these area codes as well.

There is no additional cost when calling to a Canadian mobile phone number (the person receiving the call may have extra phone costs based on time of day or whether they are roaming).