How to call Auckland from India

Question: How do I call Auckland, New Zealand from India? The number I want to call is 09-353 xxxx.

To call Auckland, New Zealand from India:

  1. Dial the Indian exit code ’00’.
  2. Dial the New Zealand country code ’64’.
  3. Dial the local phone number. Do not dial a leading ‘0’.

To call this phone number from India you would dial 00-64-9-353-xxxx.

’00’ is the exit code to reach the international switchboard from an Indian phone.

’64’ is the country code for New Zealand.

‘9’ is an area code within the New Zealand phone network, specifically for the Auckland metro area.

The rest of the phone number is the standard format for a New Zealand phone number.

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How to call Belgium from India

Question: How do I dial the Belgian number 03 231 xx xx from India?

Answer: Dial 00-32-231-xx-xx.

’00’ is the international exit code to dial the international switchboard from India.

’32’ is Belgium’s country code.

‘3 231 xx xx’ is the local phone number. The leading ‘3’ is the area code for Antwerp.

Please note the leading ‘0’ is not dialed. It is only for domestic phone calls within Belgium.

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How to call London from India?

Question: How do I dial the London phone number 020 3021 xxxx from India?

Answer: To call this phone number from India dial: 00-44-20-3021-xxxx. Notice that the leading ‘0’ from the ‘020’ is not dialed.

’00’ is the international exit code for India. Dial these numbers to reach the international switchboard.

’44’ is the county code for the United Kingdom. This number will direct your call from the international switchboard to the U.K.

’20 3021 xxxx’ is the local phone number in London. The leading ’20’ signifies that this phone number is in London.

The leading ‘0’ in ‘020’ is not dialed as ‘0’ is a long distance trunk prefix for calls within the U.K. It is only dialed for domestic phone calls.

For more detail please see our page on “How to call the U.K.

What country is country code ‘0091’?

Question: Hello, I am attempting to call phone number 0091 80 4141 XXXX. The number as I am dialing it is not working. What country is country code 0091? I am not familiar with this number.

Answer: The number you are calling looks like it is in India, in the region of Bangalore.

’00’ is an international exit code (the number used to access the international switchboard) for many European and Asian countries, including neighbouring Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and China. If ’00’ is dialed from a country that does not use that as its exit code (the U.S. and Canada use ‘011’, Australia uses ‘0011’, Japan uses ‘010’, many countries of the former U.S.S.R use ‘8’ – wait for the dial tone – ’10’), the call will not work.

’91’ is the country code for India. This is the number needed to reach India from the international switchboard.

The remainder of the phone number appears to be the format for an Indian phone number. The ’80’ signifies a phone number in Bangalore within the Indian numbering system.

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How do I call from India to Dallas?

Question: I am attempting to call Dallas phone number 214 521 5XXX from India. How do I dial this phone number?

Answer: To dial from India to Dallas, Texas, United States, you will need to dial:

001214521 5XXX
India's exit codeUSA country codeDallas area codelocal phone number

First: ’00’ – dial to an international location from India by dialing the exit code.

Next: ‘1’ – dial the country code for the United States. ‘1’ is the code shared with Canada as well as other countries in the Caribbean.

Next: ‘214’ – dial the area code for Dallas. Dallas phone numbers also have area codes “469” and “972”.

Last: ‘521 5XXX’ – this is the local phone number within area code “214”.

Need help calling to Australia from India

Q: I am trying to call to Australian phone number +61 8 9xxx 3xxx from Bangalore, India. 

A: We keep a full guide on dialing to Australia on our page Select “India” from the “from” menu for complete instructions.

Here is a summary:

To dial to Australia from India you will need to dial as follows:

006189xxx 3xxx
international exit code from Indiacountry code for Australiageographic codelocal phone number

00 – international exit code – this is the phone number needed to dial from India to reach an international location.

61 – this is Australia’s country code and the number needed to dial Australia.

8 – this is a geographic code used within Australia (specifically for South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory)

9xxx 3xxx – this is the local phone number in Australia.